Recommendations for low-cost tech items to have in a middle school classroom

Hi everyone,
I have moved from an elementary school where I had in my classroom: a Smartboard and  5 PC computers with a fast internet connection, to a middle school classroom with 1 functioning computer with a very slow, dial-up connection, an overhead projector and a 27 inch tv mounted near the ceiling in one corner of the room.  I am going through tech withdrawal and would like to organize a wishlist of tech items for my classroom.  There is a tech committee at my school, but I don't think technology has been a priority at this school.  I have scrounged an older projector and have tried hooking my own mac laptop up to it, but with the very slow internet connection and the weak image, things are less than ideal.  
I am wondering if anyone can help me with my wish list.  The district is talking about going wireless which would help, I hope.  I was thinking of asking for a tablet PC, so I wouldn't have to have my back to the class, etc and the students could interact more.  Another idea I had was to get a webcam mounted on a flexible stand and I could use this as an alternative to a document camera. I have been told a Smartboard is out of the question.  Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Have you set up a Donors Choose account?

You might be able to get a lot of tech donated...
Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, I am located in Canada and Donor's Choose doesn't operate outside of the U.S. I have been trying to find something similar for Canada, but no luck so far.
I teach middle school and I would recommend NEO2, Interwrite Mobi(www. to a smartboard. Flip camera, webcam sounds like a great alternative to an Elmo or other document camera. If you have cell service you could probably get a USB modem(not sure how much per month). Sign up with Digital wish(
Thanks for some great suggestions! Unfortunately, digital wish does not operate outside of the US, so I am searching for something similar. I will check out NEO2 and Interwrite Mobi...The cell service idea is great!
For about the cost of a good webcam, you could get the IPEVO P2V for about $70. It is intended to essentially be an inexpensive document camera that comes with its own moveable base. I bought one out of my own pocket for my classroom and it does exactly what I need without the enormous price of a "full featured" document cam.
This is exactly the item I have on my list! I am glad to hear that it is working out to be an effective tool! Thanks for replying.
What about adding these items to your list? A Mimeo interactive board or the HP LCD Projector that is also an interactive white board.
I haven't heard of the HP LCD projector that is also an IWB. I will have to check it out. Interestingly, my district has decided to support Smartboards, but does not have the funds to provide schools with the boards. I will check out the Mimeo.
Thanks for replying..



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