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I applied for this Re-imagining Learning grant and had to write a project description in 300 words or less. I need people to vote or comment on the project and the competition is fierce! If you have time, can you stop by and comment?

Book Club International

In this day and age, students need to know how to read and write. They
also must develop digital aptitude. These are essential skills needed
to survive in our global world.

International Book Clubs assist kids in sharpening their skills by
helping them to become authors and publishers. These programs are
established in schools, at home, and in communities to support the
students involved in becoming global writers, sharing their culture and
ideas with children across the world in many languages.

Students, aided by inexpensive and powerful netbooks loaded with book
making software, are trained and empowered to write books in their
homes, schools, and communities. These stories can then be published in
many forms, in many languages, emailed to friends and family, and
housed in accessible online libraries.

We already have pilot programs running in New Mexico, New York, Ghana
West Africa and Kibera Kenya (See http://www.makingbooksinghana.org)
and have posted many stories from African students into one of our
easily accessible online Libraries (http://ghana.realelibrary.com).

We always start with reading to inspire students to create their own
books. These new books can then be shared with other members of their
school and community. This cycle of Read-Create-Share is the basis of a
healthy book community. If we can begin this cycle, kids making books
and sharing them, we can build book abundance in any community. The
netbook is an affordable tool that allows people to work out in the
world and seek valuable experiences that they can share with peers,
parents, and the local and global community at large.

The Book Clubs teach people to publish in their own communities where
there is often a lack of book abundance. With the help of easy-to-use
bookmaking technology, we can jumpstart a healthy book cycle in all
types of communities. (http://www.jonathanthurston.com/Book_Cycle.jpg).


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