Remix America is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that uses innovative online editing software to enable students from around the country to make their own videos, PSAs and remixes – entirely online.

This means:

• The tools are free: no need for expensive software downloads
• All editing is done online: no need for a personal computer
• Any student can walk into any library around America and express themselves, regardless of economic status

Remix America is a new initiative launched by the voter registration organization, Declare Yourself. After registering over two million young people for the 2008 election, we decided that the most important issue is to keep these young people involved and engaged. Taking inspiration from the success of our PSA campaign, we decided to put the power of the PSA (and the remix!) into the hands of young people around America.

Check our our online editor here.

By providing students with raw material in our “America Now” and “America Then” playlists, Remix America encourages them to draw parallels between the present and the past. We hope that viewing these seminal speeches and events from American History will inspire young people to express themselves and take action on the issues that matter to them.

Teachers around America have stumbled upon the software and incorporated into their classroom. One teacher asked her students to take a quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and apply it to the 2008 election. Another asked her students to create PSAs on the issues that matter most to them – censorship, war, civil rights. Browse through our “Favorite Remixes” section to see some of these great remixes!

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me at I’m eager to work with you and brainstorm ideas on how you can incorporate Remix America into your classroom!

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In light of Eric Holder’s recent speech on race, Americans find ourselves wondering: what is the best way to talk about race? Check out Remix America’s latest blog post to learn how Civil Rights leaders in the past have approached the issue.

Check out the Remix America blog ( )for the full text of the post!
Greetings to all of you out there in Classroom 2.0!

Just wanted to let you know that Women's History Month has officially started!

Check out Remix America's new Women's History Channel, where we feature some of the bravest and most groundbreaking women in American History


Possible classroom ideas: Ask your students to "talk back" on their videocams or comment textually on these videos. You could have them remix these great women with footage of women leaders and politicians of today. They could make campaign ads for their ideal women candidates (be it Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, or Oprah Winfrey!) using our clips and the free editing tools provided on Remix America.

If you'd like to brainstorm more ideas, shoot me an email at I'd be happy to talk to you!

Be sure to check back periodically as we add more women to the list.
Palm Breeze Café was originally founded as an informal resource sharing tool for teachers in Florida. Since 2005, they’ve expanded their reach to include podcasts and a TV broadcast. Their catchphrase, “convenient and flexible education,” underscores their dedication to finding the most user-friendly and innovative tools on the web.

Last week, after coming across our software on the web, the teachers of Palm Breeze Café decided to feature Remix America on their site. Check out this entertaining video they made, outlining the many uses for Remix America in the classroom!

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player
follow @palmbreezecafe on Twitter to find other great Web 2.0 resources for teachers.
Remix America has launched our newest initiative: "Coping with the Economy" With this initiative, we hope to provide a forum for young Americans to share their story of the economic crisis and enter a productive dialogue with their parents and grandparents.

Everybody has a story. Check out this incredible video made by high-school students in Pomona, CA:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player
Visit to check out the Coping with the Economy Initiative, download the Lesson Plan PDF, and learn how you can incorporate this new initiative into your classroom!



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