request for web tools concerning teachers' training

I am looking for web environments - blogs, networks, wikis and so on, concerning teacher's training. Can anyone recommend me of some?

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Check out these resources from @misscheska - The Top 10 Social Networking Sites Every Educator Should Use
Amanda thanks for that. I'll check it out.
I would recommend Edmodo. There are plenty of good tools out there, but Edmodo is, in my opinion, one of the easiest to navigate. Also, because it is a safe online space (you have to be given the "secret code" to join), teachers could integrate into their own classrooms if they feel comfortable enough with it. I also like that it lets you inserts links and videos. For teachers who are already tech-savvy, it will feel a lot like Facebook, and for teachers who get nervous around technology, it's a little easier to navigate than some of the sites that are out there.
Thank you Jessica. I've just looked at the site. I haven't yet registered but from the first look it seems very friendly and easy to use. I'll register later. Thanks again.

We are using a wiki to host a teacher training experience in which teachers meet once each month, have a short discussion of Ken Robinson's book, The Element, and then we teach them a new web 2.0 tool that they can use in their own lives. The goal is to get teachers comfortable with the tools so that eventually (maybe next year) they can begin using them in the classroom. Here is a link if you'd like to see what we are doing.
Hi Catherine

I took a look into the site. It the way looks wonderful and I intend to watch it. Is your monthly meeting taking place in a face to face mode and the site is a complementary tool, or is the meeting is taking place only on the net?
Yes, we meet face to face and then keep track of our agenda, lesson materials, and our practice on the wiki. For example, after learning google docs, we used a google doc to record small group discussions, saved it as a web page, and linked to it on the wiki just for practice! That is found on this page
We will be meeting on Wednesday at 2:30-3:30 and we plan to teach them Skype. We will try to do a Skype call from one classroom to another within our building. We have technical difficulties every time we meet but it is a learning experience for everyone involved!!
Thanks for the information Catherine. Have good luck with your course.
I am not sure if I understand your question as to what you're looking for. Going by other answers you've received, I would have to chime in and add a recommendation for, I have been using it with my 5th graders and it is not bad. Apparently they are working on an upgrade to the interface now.

Based on my actual interpretation of your question though, I think this might be what you're looking for:
One of the best things I have found is Teacher.TV - It is the website of a British Television Channel devoted to teachers. You have to figure out some of their terminology (assuming you're not a British Teacher), but the shows are very interesting and free to watch. BTW, the section on ICT is what many of us Classroom 2.0 teachers would be looking for...ICT stands for "Information and communication technologies" and they offer a few shows on how technology is being used in England.

BTW, there is also, which is a paid professional development website.

Hope this helps.

Hello e. Cohen and thank you for your elaborate answer. Perhaps you are right and my is question need some clarification. What I mean is tools for using in the frame of teachers' training. I am training students in a college to be junior high school teachers and I intergarte from time to time, web2 tools for this purpose and I would like to know more about educational tools in this context and about the use of them.
Hello again,

I refer you to this free ebook:

This will give you some great ideas for integrating technology.

Hope it helps.
thank you for this E.cohen.



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