I am a special education teacher with students who have severe cognitive disabilities.  My students are non-verbal or just emerging with communication skills.  I also have a student who is completely blind. My students benefit greatly from auditory and tactile methods.  I would like to incorporate technology more in my classroom.  I have a Smart Board that we use for circle time and with Starfall.com.  Do you know of any resources that I couId use with my students?  

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There are many resources for your population, which is also my student population.  Can you be more specific as to what you are trying to do?  Do you want to know about resources for literacy, assistive technology, or activities for students who are blind.  Let's start with one area and go from there.  First thought - do you know how to contact your school's Assistive Technology Team or Specialist?  Many times they can do a classroom evaluation to see if you have the assistive technology devices needed to support your students and their learning.

When I got my DroidX cell phone I learned a new keyboard entry method from a company called Swype. I was so intrigued by their product that I went to their website and I after reading the company history I learned that their product was initially used to assist students like yours. Basically, there are two ways you can use their keyboard:

1 - the traditional method: press one key at a time;

2 - by dragging your finger over the letters.

When I used the dragging method I was very surprised to see how well it worked. Go to their website and they have videos showing the swype method. It something that every special teacher should experience.



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