I know I can create one on several online rubric-makers (Rubistar is one I've used before), but I was wondering what other educators use for students' websites. This project was pretty low-key, and I'm not expecting to use a grandiose or extensive rubric, but I need something to use.

Thanks for any ideas you may offer.

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Here is what I use; http://jasperstreet.homeip.net/wiki/index.php/Website_rubric

Feel free to hack it :>).
Thanks, Geoff. I appreciate your feedback!
I like the work of Andrew Churches. He doesn't have a website rubric specifically but you could use some of his ideas to make your own.
Also, I like http://w3schools.com as a reference. They cover xhtml, xml, java script among others.
Checkout www.iRubric.com. You can create rubrics and grade students with rubrics very easily. Let us know if you have any questions.

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