As I interview teachers for current special education teaching positions,  I have been surprised at the weak responses given regarding the integration of technology into current teaching practices. Is this not an area of focus during the interview process?  Could school leaders or teachers share questions specifically asked during the interview process?




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I, too, have seen this as an area of weakness.  Some questions our district has asked are: "How is technology used to help with RTI?"... and "What are some specific ways you would integrate technology to meet the needs of all learners?"  I would be interested to hear from others regarding this topic.
The integration of technology is vital in today's classroom. The interesting part with technology is that a large part of our school leaders are still very much defensive towards it. They still view technology as a short cut to learning and not as a viable tool that this generation of learners are adapted to.
Excellent point...I like that assessment - a vital tool, not a short cut.  As administrators we need to ensure that our staff is utilizing the most up to date technology as a means of enhancing learning and providing these vital skills to our learners. 
I truly agree with you, we need to make sure that the technology in our classrooms/  buildings are not used as just a paper weight, but is used as an interactive tool for learning.
Integration of technology into current teaching practices is the most important part of education. And i think there is nothing wrong to focus on the subject during the interview.
I agree.  The integration of technology is vital in a classroom today. Direct questions during an interview will help raise awareness in administrators that are in 21st Century Schools- that technology skills do matter, just as teaching math or writing matters. What I have found is that teachers that use technology themselves, and teachers that continue to learn on their own are open to new ideas and willing to learn how these new tools change the way we teach and learn. I am hoping that the new generation of teachers take this on as well.
Technology in the classroom is expected - no longer is this considered a bonus if a candidate has these skills.  It is a MUST!  The teacher must be confident and comfortable using, tweaking and integrating technology into everyday lessons.  We need to prepare our students by showing them it is essential to master technology.  I do feel it is important to have this area be a substantial part of the interview process.
I am surprised you are finding this to be an issue with the newer teachers.  As an admiinistrator, I find the biggest challenge is getting the veteran teachers to try technology.  I am requiring 1 observation per year involve some aspect of using the Smart Board or web-based program.  I feel professional development is the only way to get everyone on the same page with 21st Century learning.
In my district, we have paired up our newer (technology experts) with veteran teachers.  They have found in very rewarding to learn from each other... the newer teachers spread their knowledge of technology and the vetern teachers spread their knowledge of the learning process.  Together, the pairs of come up with some amazing activities to enhance learning in the classroom!
I agree technology use/integration in the classrom is a must not only for special education, RTI, and differentiated instruction for all students. I am also encouraged to see administration start to focus on this. My suggestion would be to include questions that help you see what level of integration they are at? I find that some teachers think integration is having students do research or write up an assignment or create a powerpoint. Or even worse they think integration is just using a projector or document camera or smart borad. I would ask questions like "What sort of things could I see students creating in your classroom using technology?" "How do you use technology to assess your students' needs?" 

I am surprised to hear that teachers are coming into interviews without being able to give a strong response to how they will integrate the use of technology into their teaching practices.  I believe that you should be asking about technology, and personally I expect to be asked about it when I start to go for interviews next spring.  I am going to be a senior at Illinois State University in their early childhood education program and the majority of the large projects that I  have been assigned have had technology use as a main component.  Illinois has developed Professional Teaching Standards with a portion entitled Technology For All.  Our projects have been designed around these standards to ensure that we are meeting what the state expects from their future teachers. Our other education programs follow the same standards as well.

I am currently enrolled in a special education course regarding the use of assistive technology in education.  Throughout the course we have focused on the different types of assistive technology and how to use them in the classroom.  This class is required for us to graduate and I believe that we all should be held accountable for being knowledgeable in our use of technology in a classroom setting.  Definitely keep asking about it in your interviews; the ability to use technology is a skill that all students will need in the 21st century and assistive technology is needed for many students with exceptionalities to succeed. 



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