I've had an idea.....

But I need to know if this has been done before and if it was a success or not.

Has anyone had schoold-wide policy of blogs?

Eg (students)
Tim does Japanese in Year 9 (and who could blame him really). He accesses the My Year 9 Japanese Blog for things going on in the class. He also has his own Tim's Year 9 Japanese Blog which is linked to mine. Sitting above the year 9 Japanese Blog is a Japanese Studies Blog - the parent blog for the Language which pushes info, when relevent to the grade specific blogs.

Now, Japanese sits in the Languages Faculty in my school so it would have a blog that would be the parent of the General Japanese Studies Blog. It in turn would be the feeder to the Whole School Blog for parents to see generally what is happening.

Has anyone done this sort of thing before? It seems too obvious to be my idea first......and it also might be too stupid for anyone else to have done.


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