I'm looking for ideas about how to streamline and update the science fair process. For teachers who have to manage 50-100+ individual science fair projects, it seems like a wiki, google docs or some VLE might be the ticket to organizing, allowing for peer-to-peer consulting, and posting of questions that many students have. I'm new to the 2.0 extravaganza - so does anyone have a sample or suggestion to share?

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Sounds like Ning (the website that allowed for the creation of this very site) would do the trick. Check it out, www.ning.com. Students could post their work as their own page, and other students could comment on their wall, send messages to each other, etc. Teachers too!
That's a good idea! Thanks.
Hi Jane --

You should definitely check out http://oursciencefair.com. We used it at my daughter's school for their science fair last year, and parents loved it.

Wow, that's a great link, Rajeev. Thanks for posting it. It looks like it's geared for elementary and middle school... do you think it would work for high school? Jane, you can also try looking at www.schoology.com. You can use the platform even long after the science fair. Right now there's a promo for free premium membership.
We've used google docs for the past 2 years to manage our science fair. Our stuents have to complete a total of six submissions and each submission can be marked directly on the document using the built-in word processor. This allows students to edit their documents in school or at home without relying on the availablility of ms word or other proprietary software.
Thank you for all the input and links! I will share those with my Science teacher friends!
I've not used google docs, but I'm getting the impression if you want something, google probably has it!



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