Seeking an application or idea to build the following using either a desktop tool or "free" Web 2.0 app.

Spanish teachers want students to listen to a word and then record it's translation. Students would select the prompt, listen to the word, then select a record function and state the translation. The app would then move on to the next prompt. We do not have a language lab, but plenty of Macbooks.

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I believe there is a way to record and play back text in Microsoft Word.

I can't look now but I will later. If I'm not mistaken you enter text, highlight and select a voice/speech/etc option and use the computer's mic to record a sound. The word is then a link that when clicked launches the attached audio.

In theory you could create a document with the words and sounds you want. If the feature is in Powerpoint you could create an interactive presentation with the same tool.

I'll poke around later and find the specifics...
After a quick look I see it is possible in Apple's iWork suite (Keynote, Pages, etc).

HIghlight text, right click, go to "Speech"

Getting it to work in your application might take some trial and error, but it's a start (and a free one at that if you are an Mac based school)



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