Several of our schools are using PSP's in their classes. They are now looking for other schools to collaborate with via PSP's on projects. Does your school use PSP's, and would they be willing to make connections with our schools?

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I think it would be helpful if you indicated what you meant by PSP. I'm sure it means something obvious to you in your setting but as an employee of the OIT in the OCPD in the division of T & L at the NYC DOE, I understand the need for spelling out acronyms.

We use PSP to mean personal success plan. I imagine you may mean something else. If you are referring to personal success plans, I can provide feedback, but would like to clarify before doing so.

And, for those interested, the aforementioned acronyms refer to (Office of Instructional Technology * Office of Curriculum and Professional Development * Teaching and Learning * New York City Department of Education).
I assume that by PSP he means "Playstation Portable", as in the video game console. I assume it has some wireless internet capabilities like the DS? If that is the case, I'd be interested in hearing how this kind of collaboration works out.



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