Seeking Student/Teacher Writing Workshop Collaborators for Decameron Project

I am teaching selections from The Decameron soon to introduce fictional literary elements, frame narratives and theme to 9th grade students at an international school in Germany. Many of these students are new to writing in English and need some incentives to challenge themselves more and take their writing more seriously. I thought we could work collaboratively via a wiki with other students around the world to create our own modern-day version of The Decameron.

The basic breakdown would consist of reading and responding to different selections from The Decameron, identifying literary elements and themes, and challenging students to write their own modern-day short stories using an assigned theme from The Decameron. They would post their work on a wiki in their assigned "thematic" forum and be assigned peer editors from other classrooms to read, respond, and give feedback to each other's work using wiki editing tools. Perhaps at the end, we could arrange some type of Skype session where students could actually meet each other, present best story awards for each theme, and encourage them to continue the conversations themselves in the future. This could be something we could continue each year and improve upon in the future. If you are interested and could embark on this student soon, please let me know asap.

I wish I could claim credit for this concept, but it was originally devised and planned out as 1001 Flat World Tales in conjunction with reading 1001 Arabian Nights by a former colleague, Clay Burrell, who is a Classroom 2.0 member and writes extensively about education on his own blog, Beyond School.

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