Seeking Teachers Using Free Image Editing Software to Interview for a Podcast

Hello everyone.  My name is Shawn Kibel.  I work as a Tech Support professional for a small school district in NE Texas.  I am also a co-host of a podcast, "The Tightwad Tech".  We discuss the use of free/cheap technology to stretch the budget in an educational environment.  The goal is to give teachers and educational IT professionals information about free/cheap software or other tech tools that can be used in the district or classroom and to interview people that are actively using these technologies in creative ways.  We take pride in how we manage to stretch our tech budget dollars at our district and want to spread the word about how we and other creative educators are doing the same.

We are seeking teachers that are using free image editing software (i.e. GIMP, Aviary, Picasa) in the classroom to interview for an upcoming show.  In this show, we want to talk to teachers that are actively using these technologies in the classroom and are willing to share their experiences.  If this is you, and you would like to come on the show, please respond to this post or email me at

I'm excited to have recently joined this community as it seems to be a great space for educators to collaborate and share information, which I am passionate about myself.

Warmest Regards,
Shawn Kibel

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Hi Shawn,

I have used both DrawIt Lite and Gimp with students. This has generally been more of a individual or very small group instructional setting, due to the complexity of the tools (particularly Gimp). I'd love to give some insight.

PS - To see some of my personal work using these tools, check out my apps on the iTunes app store by searching for "eieio" which is my side company.
Hey Jeff! We would love to have you on the show. I can see that you are a heavy Apple user which would definitely be a value add to the discussion. We are a Windows shop and our coverage is usually a little light on Apple related offerings.

Could you do me a favor and shoot me an email to: ? I can then get you set up with access to the show notes and continue this conversation off list in preparation for the episode recording. I look forward to discussing with you further.

Warmest Regards,



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