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Delete Discussion I've had success with a segment each year that isn't necessarily great TV journalism, but is a winner with student-viewers. My students simply get anyone and everyone in the building to yell "Beat (insert athletic/academic rival of the week)!!!" into our video cameras. After sending out an email warning to the rest of my teaching colleagues, I send students out with cameras to areas where yelling is somewhat acceptable: the gym, outside, etc. We try to record administrators, teachers, students, classes, bus drivers, cafeteria workers - anyone willing to participate. The footage then gets edited down to as many quick cuts as possible. We've gotten as many as 100 faces in the segment in less than a minute. It actually helps build school spirit, works for any academic/athletic competition, and increases attention by viewers.

I recently began teaching at a new high school TV Studio after 11 years at my former hs studio, and brought the tradition with me. It had the same impact, and there was lots of positive chatter about the segment from both students and teachers. My tv students still have to apply all the principles of good ENG, and it's a great exercise in fast-paced editing.

Anyone else have any good segment ideas to share?

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