I've just been given $7000 from a private donor to set up tech in my class of approx 10 5th - 6th graders.

So far, my wish list is:
1 document camera (have projector & hp laptop)
10- hp mini laptops
2 flip camcorders
15 digital cameras
external hard drive - terabyte
12 flash drives - 16 gigabyte
1 color laser printer

Any suggestions? recommendations? I will have to be the "tech support" person!
Thanks- Melinda

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Hi Melinda,

Haven't seen much mention of digital collecting tools for Science~ various probes etc. You might check those out! Technology can really amplify and clarify science~
Regarding curriculum vs tech (chicken or egg)~ what are your state standards? Regardless of what school you are at, state standards identify the expectations for that grade level for each subject. And technology can be a great tool to meet those standards.

Why so many digital camera's? Maybe you could squeeze in an interactive whiteboard or some student response systems if you went with less cameras? Do you already have a wifi network or do you need to add the access point in there? Do you have access to a file server instead of an external drive? Microphones? Webcam? Printer?
I have the dual screen setup. It is amazing. There is no "front" of the room anymore, which also means that there is no back of the room. There is no place to hide! Also, the room is set up perfectly for our interventionists to come in and run small groups with all of our technology. With 2 separate sets of clickers, 2 tablets, wireless laptops for all and 2 separate screens/projectors, we are able to effectively split the room and keep both groups engaged. The only thing that is not even is the fact that there is only 1 SMART Board in the room.
I am interested in setting up a wiki of my own that my students can join to share their comments at the end of a project. suggestions? tips to get started? I was going to use wikispaces. My concerns: I don't want students creating "stuff" yet, since I don't have a level of confidence in how this works. So I want to put a "discussion" question on my page for them to respond to me on and that I can respond back. open to other ways to use this in an 8th grade Technology class. looking to connect with other classes outside of ny as well.
Judy, It seems like a simple blog (like this) would work for a discussion question and responses until you decide what you want to do. The kids would need emails to leave comments, or they could do it without emails and just sign in anonymously, they would need to sign their entries. The only problem with a simple blog like the sample is you cannot comment on each comment.

I did not know a thing when I started using blogs and wikis, I learned fast--decided exactly what I wanted to do and found a way to do it. You can see all our blogs, wikis, Moodles here. Let me know if you have specific questions.
How about an update on how you spent the money?!?

The tip about putting some money aside for upkeep was a good one. I also hope you were able to suspend your LCD projector from the ceiling instead of having to keep it on a table. My wish list includes a second projector/screen combo as well...
1:1 netbooks 

Consider Linux (Open 1:1.org)

LCD projector $700 or less

Consider a Mimo instead of a Smartboard

I love iPods but consider a cheaper iRiver or SanDisk iPod Nanos can be had for $99

But just a thought, the new Nano also have a Flip like camera built in so you might save money if you were considering getting some Flips (which you should)

I'm assuming you don't need any sort of networking 

Considering getting a couple of iPod Touches

I'll echo the idea to hold some money back for incidentals.
The one thing that I would suggest is make sure that you some high quality curriculum resources that will allow you to use Web 2.0 technology for real teaching and learning purposes.

Andrew Pass
That is awesome! I teach sixth grade too and we have little to no technology in our classroom ( a disgrace!) I still run cord from my wall to get internet connection!

Wireless is the way to go. Have you given any thought to the ipod touch? I've been hearing a lot about them....just a thought.

Also, where does one get a private donor like that!?



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