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Don't know how many of you may know about Google Notebook, but it is (was) a fabulous online tool for conducting research in a Web 2.0 way. The program enables users to clip selections from webpages and organize the clippings by categories and tags, with comments. In addition to webpage clippings, whole pages can be saved, pictures, videos, and more. It's all searchable and shareable. All in all a great utility for adults and students.

Anyhow, about a week ago, Google announced on its official blog that it would shortly cease support of the site...meaning that it will start to peter out in functionality and eventually cease operating. Many have expressed extreme frustration about the demise of this very useful academic tool.

Over at PetitionOnline, there's a drive going to try to get Google to reconsider what may be quite an ill-advised and academically destructive decision. If you have a moment, please consider adding your name to the petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?gnoteb.

I have nothing to gain personally from this, just want to do what I can to try to stop this from happening. IMHO, all of us who support information literacy ought to get behind this. I

Jim Lerman

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This announcement did surprise me, as well as the closing of Jaiku (which I'm not sure ever really got running after it was purchased...).

Is there another program that provides similar functionality? I never really used Notebook.
Too bad you didn't get a chance to try Notebook...really a fabulous educational application.
In a quick search I was able to find these 4 alternatives, all of which seem to be quite good. They deserve attention.
Zoho Notebook

Don't forget the petition!
Google is doing nothing to win over educators. I was upset when they replaced Page Creator with Sites and now this! They need to get their act together or they'll loose any support from educators they may have had. Now every time I use a Google app for class I have to think about how Google could shut it down. I'll think twice about using any Google app now.
I prefer sites hands-down... my school has really started to develop a great network of sites. Why did you prefer page creator?
The learning curve was less with page creator and the interface was more intuitive for me. Most teachers aren't programmers or even tech savvy so ease of use in creating exciting informative sites is essential. There are a few things about Sites that I like, but it has yet to win me over. Be cautious in putting to much stake in Sites. I've read about numerous classroom pages that were on Page Creator that were lost when it closed. In a few years any content on Sites could be lost too. I'm interested in seeing what you've done with sites, though, if you could get me a link.
I just came accross some steps to expedite the process to Transfer Your Google Notebook to Zoho - Quickly courtesy of Digital Inspiration. It only takes three steps. Seems like a good idea, since a petition might fall on deaf ears.
Thanks for posting,
I missed this announcement... Google notebook has been a fantastic tool. I will add my name to the petition.
On a side note... Evernote is great too; plus there's an iPhone app.
i use Evernote too and find it very useful. What a shame to close down Notebook! I hope that this will not happen to Evernote.



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