I'm wondering if anybody uses Simply Box w/ their classes and if so if they have any links they could share. This is another new Web 2.0 application that does what any number of others do, to share content and collaborate, etc etc etc



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I have tried to use this with my class, but I am having trouble getting the toolbar to load on student computers. They can log in and use the pictures I have saved though. Our techs are so busy; I hate to ask them to work on this right now. As for me, I love it and have captured parts of screen shots to use in lessons and presentations. I always give credit to the website where I found the picture though. One way I have used simply box is to create word splashes of vocabulary on wordle.net. Because these word splashes can't be saved to a computer only printed, I capture them with simply box. See the example on the right.
You can embed a tiny Wordle with a link to the big one--if I want a big one I use screen capture and Paint.
Yes, but simplybox let's me save the wordle or any other thing on the screen as a JPG. This let's me use the capture as a picture. The problem is about how to let students use simplybox to capture without the tool bar.
Neat idea, I use Screen shot on a Mac (shift+apple+4) to do the same thing, it saves it as png, but to convert is easily enough, just change the png to jpg, and it will convert for you.

Being the tech in the building, I can see the issues that surround having to install a plugin for a browser, such as Simply Box or Diigo.
They will not be able to capture without the toolbar. The will be able to do the other things though, but not capturing.
Let me know if we can help you with the downloading process for the students.
You may want to contact:



@bookjewel (on Twitter)
Great, thanks for your help, I'll keep you posted.



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