Is anyone interested on collaborating on a project via Skype at the HS level?  I am looking to get some sort of project going that can connect my students in Long Island with students from either over seas or out West. Does anyone have any ideas or is anyone interested?  I have some ideas that I would love to share...

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I am interested. My students are at the 12 grade level, the class is Global Technical Communication. I have a few ideas, but I would like them to do a group project with half of each group being from another site.

I have the ideas for a diversity project that wouldn't take much more than a few days, or other ideas involving collaborative work on Google Docs or something.

email: anvonbank@gmail.com

Let me know what you are thinking. Everyone in my class has Google accounts and a pretty good understanding of collborative software.
What a great idea! I teach a Grade 12 Chemistry class....wonder if we can do something interesting via Skype.

Mirjan Krstovic
That would be great!!! I would love to get my science department involved in a Skype project. Where are you located?
I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I also teach a Grade 11 Chemistry class....I am willing to collaborate on a Skype-related project with other science teachers around the globe.

Let me know what you are thinking,

Ok - perfect. Let me reach out to see if I have any interest. I will keep you posted.
Hi Mrijan,

I have a science teacher who is interested. Do you have any ideas at the moment that you are thinking of doing or should we start from scratch? I am going to be meeting with my teacher to discuss possibilities. I am thinking a short term project - the curriculum here is very tight so we cannot afford to do something that's going to take a long time. Maybe 3 days at most. Where the first day is the intro and the second we have the kids skype and the final day is reporting...something along those lines.

How many students do you have?
What time is your class held?
Hi Laura,

Semester 2 is just starting for me...let me get back to you with more details in a couple of days if that's okay. I am just trying to get my semester started :) Looking forward to future collaborations.

Sure, no problem. Keep me posted!! :)
I am interested in having my senior debate class debate environmental issues or biogenetic topics? I have 1:1 computing so I am very flexible. We just love the opportunities to work with other schools. Email me at marnold46234@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks!

I would love to do this. I have middle school students and maybe to share what they need to know for high-schools or students can share what to expect etc...email me at danal@spokaneschools.org
I have Gifted and Talented high school students who will begin a unit on the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. Do you think this might be a possibility? Or, I also have high school language arts students who will begin researching the issue of texting while driving. We have been using wikis with the assignment just prior. I have successfully Skyped with a 6th grade classroom this semester and we are corresponding via Epals. Please let me know if you think either suggestion will work. We are located in Oklahoma. Thanks, Whitney Allen
I have a senior debate class in Indiana. My students have 1:1 computing and love to debate or discuss hot topics going in our nation or globally. Let me know if you are interested. Email me at marnold46234@gmail.com. Thanks




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