I have used skype for communicating with my family while they were out of town, and it works great. As district technology resource teacher, I can see many benefits for the classroom. Does anyone use skype regularly in the classroom or have good lesson plans for implementing it? Any ideas might be helpful.

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I would like to know where I can find classroom in Spanish speaking countries that would like to "Skype" with my classrooms. Would greatly appreciate any info. Thanks
Check out http://skypeinschools.pbwiki.com We'd be glad to have you in our group!
I am interested in how to use skype for educational uses in the classroom and would like to participate. I have a K-4 school and I am the library media specialist
Where are you from? Any specific topic you would be interested in? Do you have the software and camera installed? Do you have projector capabilities?
I am from Guilford, CT. Our software is installed and our camera's are ready to go... I also have skype at home and would love to connect with someone out there in the education world. Tomorrow morning a newscaster is coming to interview our school on how we use skype... I have not used it for educational purposes yet and am anxious to start.
Hi Allen,

I've used Skype a number of ways in my classroom. I've written a blog explaining some of the ways. I would be interested in Skypeing with you if you need help/assistance! My Skype is neil.stephenson
We skyped our State House of Representative while he was in session. There were 8 students who asked great questions and were able to particpate in a real discussion with someone making laws in our state. As a matter of fact, he had to leave our meeting and go to chambers and vote on Legislation.



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