Our fourth graders are looking for Skype buddies of a similar age to chat with throughout the Spring. We are an Episcopal school in Tampa, Florida and would love to share ideas and learn about new friends in other parts of the U.S, Canada, or Mexico. (Similar time zones that would make communicating during school possible.) We have three fourth grade classes and I would like to set each class up with their own partnering class. Please let me know if you are interested.

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I may have a class that is interested. Would you be interested in possibly collaborating on a project using a wiki as well as a skype session. We are looking to partner with schools to work on a Global Issue project possibly.
Hi, thanks for your reply. As of now, I'm just interested in getting the students familar with Skype and interested in kids in other areas. I teach computer and only have these kids once a week. I don't think we are ready to collaborate on a project. Thanks for the offer.

I think your project is interesting. I thought you wanted to practice a foreing language on skype, in which i am interested. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it sounds it is a nice project and i encourage you to continue. I teach french and english at a college here in the Dominican Republic. I am thinking to use Skype in my classes. I plan to contact other french classes around the world in order that my studends practice languages in real-world situations. (learning about other's culture) I have a group here (teachers in google wave), there we share experiences using Google Wave and invitations. I have got 16, so if you"d like one, just leave a message. My best wishes again!!!! :)
Hello, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, in this class I am not teaching the students a second language. We are also looking for elementary age children. This won't be a good fit for either of us. Good Luck!
Skype names at school: wikistange (main), sunningdale.stange.1 and sunningdale.stange.2 (student laptops)

I have begun making a few connections around North America. I want to move conversation away from class to class and over to individual or small group contacts with a other fourth graders. There are two fourth grade classes at Sunningdale School here in Moose Jaw. We would be an hour earlier than you.
Hi, thanks for your reply. As of now, we are interested in class to class discussion. This would be their first experience using Skype and our school doesn't have internet access on student laptops, for security reasons. It's very locked down. Let me know if you change your mind about the individual/small group discussions. We're new to this:)
I passed on your request to our 4th grade team and one of the teachers is interested in participating in class to class Skype sessions with you. They are studying "regions" so we could talk about what it is like to live and go to school in Florida. I think we could work something out. Last year we Skyped with a private school in NJ...
Sounds great! I am the computer teacher at our school and so I have all three fourth grade classes, but each only once a week for 45 mins. I really need to make this work out so that each class can have the same experience, so I don't know if the one fourth grade class may be interested in Skyping 3 times in one week every month or two. I really would like the kids to build a connection over the rest of the school year. Let me know what we can work out, like I've said we are new to this. Thanks for your help.
Looks like we might be able to swing this. What times do your classes meet? That could be the deal breaker.
Have one Tuesdays 8:23-9:03 EST, another Tuesday afternoons 1:54-2:35 and the third on Fridays at 10:32-11:12. Will any of these work for your teacher?
Charlsey, I have contacted our 4th grade team to doublecheck these times, but I think they will work. On Tuesdays, we dismiss at 3:20 CST, so we could only do about 20 minutes. Is that a problem?
No, not at all. Infact I was thinking we would use about 20 mins of class to chat and the rest to reflect anyway, so that would work. So, is it looking like I will have three classes that would like to particpate?



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