Hi All,
I'm looking for some second grade classes to Skype with the three 2nd grade classes in our school  in Chicago.  We could also collaborate on a Voicethread project. Our final units for this year are "endangered animals" and "Poetry" - however we're open to other topics also. We'd like to find classes in other parts of the United States, or any other country.  Another class in our school has been Skyping with a class in Kentucky and it's been an exciting learning experience for all of us. You can check out the wiki we created together at: http://chickenbuddies.wikispaces.com/ (Click on the links on the right sidebar.)
Thank you,

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Hi Faith,
Have you considered something even a bit more involved? Check out Global Virtual Classroom http://www.virtualclassroom.org. Your kids would be amongst the youngest but would certainly be able to make new friends!
I will keep your info handy-- I will talk with our staff to see if they are interested in a collaboration.
That would be great. Also, thank you Janet. You are an amazing educator. I took a workshop with you several years ago.
Yes, Faith, I remember you. ...which is one of the reasons I wanted to give you a 'nudge' to look into GVC. [I retired this year, but then became the program manager for GVC.]
Janet, I will definitely check out GVC. I know Marsha Goren has also been involved with GVC. You are both inspirations to all of us!
Super. It really is an outstanding program. Now that I'm "retired" I have more time to bug people to participate!



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