Smart Board interactive programs and students with ADD/ADHD and auditory learners

I am a member of the Planning Team for the proposed Staten Island Green Charter School for Environmental Discovery (K-8).  I would like to know whether interactive programs on Smart Boards  increase the attention span of students with ADD/ADHD. Also how do students who are auditory learners respond to Smart Board interactive programs?  This information will help with our curriculum planning

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I appreciate your reply.  However I still would appreciate if classroom teachers would respond to this query so that I can discuss with them the pluses and minuses of specific programs.

Participants in this forum who want to find out more information about the proposed Staten Island Green Charter School for Environmental Discovery, please visit the school website:


This video explains the objectives of the Staten Island Green Charter School for Environmental Discovery.




I've had a smart board in my room for over 5 years now, and I love how it helps keep all my students engaged.  It is a great way to redirect a child with ADD/ADHD who might be on a mental vacation and bring them back into the lesson.  Teachers have to figure out how to make the most of the Smartboard with their classroom management and unique style of collaborating with students, but I find that it's yet another positive way to reach students.


Laurie Hansen

Laurie can you state the specific methods you found most effective?
Students with attention problems love the SmartBoard. I have been working with them for many years. The quick pace, audio/visual and especially them interacting by touching to answer questions, it is amazing to watch.



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