When I have my own classroom I would like to try and have a smart board or Promethean Planet in my class. After our class on these technologies I came to realize that they can be used for many things, basically everything to teach a class. There is so much variety to what you can do with a smart board and I love that. They seem like the most efficient way to use technology in the classroom. I enjoy how you can do as little as you want with them and as much as you want. Smart Boards seem like a wonderful idea for using technology in your classroom.

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Through our class I have also come to see how beneficial having a Promethean or Smart Board can be in a classroom. I think the software on the Promethean Board is very versatile and seems like a very handy tool to have in an elementary school classroom.

Have you used a visualizer too? It's a very useful tool if it's joined with the interactive whiteboard. You can see augmented reality with this device. It's really incredible! In this link you can see different aplications for the visualizer. I hope to be useful.


Smartboards are indeed one of the best ways to generate a sense of interest in the students. It helps the child to grasp more information, and thus learn more apart from the text books. Technology in the classroom is going to be mandatory in the days to come. 

Nowadays there are lots of brands who make interactive whiteboards, not only Promehean or Smart, with very good results. Some of this famous brands have a problem. They don't accept other software. I prefer have the possibility to use more software...



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