In our district, we have student led conferences. The students demonstrate some of their learning to their parents, in whatever format I (or they) see fit. They are about 5 weeks away.

This week I had a new SmartBoard installed in my classroom and I am looking forward to using it with my class. I also thought that it might be a great thing for kids to show their parents at student led conferences, as many parents may not have seen something like this before.

So, my question is, what would be a cool thing for a fourth grader to show their parents on a SmartBoard? What kind of activity, project, or website would be a good one to demonstrate the capabilities of this new technology to our classroom? All ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated.


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Hi Jonathon,
I'm an IEP aide for a 6th grade boy and our class is always using the SmartBoard for different activities. We are currently using SmartBoard in Social Studies to help the students with their "Famous Inventor" presentations. A few parents have already come in to see their child present and they commented on how interesting and useful it makes a presentation instead of using the old tri-fold board. During the presentations, the students have been told to include 3 different actions they can use with the SmartBoard. For instance, leaving dates, years or numbers out of the presentation and writing it in when they come to that page or even using their finger to flip to a next screen, etc. I think it's a great idea to incorporate some kind of presentation with the SmartBoard to show the parents what technology in the classroom can do to help students today. Good luck!
Great. Sounds like a good idea. I will look into that.



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