Does anyone have experience with both Promethean and SmartBoard to compare the two? Our school has dipped a toe in the water and is wanting to go much deeper, therefore we're looking for further information. Is there a preference for younger and older primary children?

I've heard there have been problems with SmartBoard. Any comments?

The fact that Smart notebook software can be freely used by anyone is an important factor for teachers preparing lessons at home.

7th April 2009.
I should add that Promethean now have released Inspire that can be freely loaded to ANY computer and can be used with ANY interactive whiteboard and can read several (all?) other IWB brand files, which at least puts them at level-pegging in terms of access to the software.

The Promethean 'free' software is limited in what it can do. It does not allow you to create lessons, which destroys its usefulness for me.

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I have no actually used SmartBoard, but I have a Promethean ACTIVboard in my classroom. I have been very pleased with my ACTIVboard. The software includes great resources and it is pretty easy to use them to create a lesson. Promethean also has an accompanying assessment tool known as "ACTIVotes" which allows students to answer questions embedded in the "flipcharts" or interactive lessons; to my knowledge, this is not a feature that SmartBoard has to offer. Additionally, I came to learn that Promethean's interactive products are specifically designed for education while SmartBoard began in the business sector and have eked their way into the education market. I work in Montgomery County, MD and our school system has put anywhere from 2 - 20 Promethean boards in close to half of the schools; it hasn't been cheap so the county must see something in Promethean. Somethings to think about.

I don't want to sound over-defensive of the smartboard - I like both smart and promethean, but I do get fired into action when someone says they have no knowledge of one type of board then says that it doesnt do X or Y when it clearly does.

Smartboards have the Senteo system which is identical to Activotes (actually better than Activotes, but more like the new ActivExpression). This works inside Smart Notebook software and can also be used inside powerpoint.

With the launch of the Interactive Toolkit the Smartboards are very much an educational product.

But like I said I do like both boards, but I just want to make sure that the correct information is being given out. I have worked for both companies, but in a freelance capacity - I am not taking any company line here.
My apologies. I spoke from experience and what my county has informed me of.
Please remember that this is a discussion forum not arena; as a teacher, I would hope that you understand how to address a student with a misconception. It seems your methodology might be a little tainted.
Apologies Matt.

I guess we all get a little like this sometimes:
Much appreciated. Do you know of a site that has a comparison of Promethean and SmartBoard? I think it would be interesting to see both sides of the story since I was misinformed.
Great discussion so far.
The NSW Connected Classroom project has gone with Promethean. Our DET portal has ample information but is a 'walled garden' locked up tighter than fort knox. I have posted some highlights here
2200 public schools will have one connected room installed over the next 3 years at some $A20k per room.
Each install also has video/audio conference, ultra short throw projectors roof mounted 8cms from the screen and a full suite of ancilliaries to go with them. I cant comment on the effectiveness of either brand, but the govt has stumped up $158million for the project so I hope they have chosen wisely. Our college receives our room this semester, we hope.
That is quite some commitment. It must somewhat reduce the market share that Smartboard has.
Good question, Leigh.

Not to toot our own horn [I am SMART's Community Manager], but...well, ok I'm going to toot our horn.

Not only have we just built our 1 millionth (!!!) board, but we actually outsell all of our competitors combined.
Nice to have you on board. SMART certainly have some clout, there's no doubting that.
Check out the collaboration portal and worlds largest interactive whiteboard community... Forums are alive and interactive with educatonal content and best practices 150,000 +members...
I'l check it out.



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