I launched my 3 months in the making Alternate Reality Game today and I think I may have done it a little too well. In the middle of a video they were watching I had an image break in and type messages to me like in The Matrix. Apparently I played it well because the kids were seriously worried. I checked the locks on the door and told them it was finally happening.

I passed out the attached packets and told them they had been chosen and I could tell them no more. If anyone is interested in following along feel free to use the clues in the packets to get started.

Today went well and I sure hope this works out.

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This looks highly motivating. Keep us up to date.
7th grade world history. I'm hoping the story arch will help the kids tie what they're learning this year in World hist to next year when they have US hist.

Today was hilarious, they kept asking everyone "What are you thoughts on the weather?" Now to see if I can parlay that into some actual participation in the game itself :p
Any time you contact a suspected agent you should first ask “What are your thoughts on the weather?” If the person is truly an agent they will respond “It seems nice but I think it might rain.” If they respond with ANY other answer then that person is not to be trusted. The kids must be loving this!! Where the game? Are you sharing?

How old are you kids? If you want a book connection try The Mysterious Benedict Society (4th-7th).
By "the game" I mean the series of puzzles and story pieces that make up the whole thing. So far I've got them hooked and some have figured out where to look for the first puzzle but so far none have solved it. I'll have to toss them some hints soon if it stays stuck. I don't want interest to die off before it even gets going.

Thanks for the book idea, i'll check it out.
I've "activated" the next clue. If you've solved the first clue in the original post you'll know where to look.

Still no students have fully solved the puzzle. I've got a few who are really close to doing so and I think if they were collaborating on a wiki or something they'd have it. There will be a wiki later in the puzzle chains so I think I'm going to have a "secret meeting" after school to get the kids together so they can collaborate.

Interest has remained fairly high (they're still greeting me with "What are your thoughts on the weather?") now I just need to give them that little push to the next level.
Yep - I am stumped too!
My kids are getting progressively closer each day. Today we have "Secret Agent Training" scheduled for afterschool. Well over 50% of them are planning on coming so I'm excited to see if that many really show up. I'm hoping with combined brainpower they'll make it through this first puzzle.

I'll give you the same clue I plan on giving them.

Use the pictures.

I'll post the solution on the blog I'm keeping throughout the project probably this weekend.
I am with you in that I am not even smart enough to figure out the first clue, but this is exactly what I want to do with my students. If only I could figure out the puzzle to see how everything would unfold I would be excited to try this particular one with my students or create my own. I think using a wiki for teams to collaborate ideas would be awesome as well. I just joined this site so I am soaking up all this cool information. Currently in the process of creating a blog for students to use as a tie in with my classroom work in social studies.
I know of several other D'Vinci Code-ish books for kids with clues, etc. Let me know if you need more titles.
I'm so pysched for you! And glad to hear it's going well. I'd be really interested in hearing what type of feedback you get from the other stakeholders. (parents, supervisors, admin types).

When we ran ours we let the dept chairs know and they were supportive, but were a little hestitant to broadcast to a wider audience.
Are you able to post up your clues/plot (not sure what the right word is here)? I would love to have a go at doing this form my high school kids.
I am drawing a blank on how this is working----. I even read the wikipedia and I know what this looks like I just don't see how you are doing it. I kinda reminds me of D&D where there you make up things as you go along.



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