Does anyone have ideas about using social bookmarking in the classroom? It obviously seems like a great tool to maintain organization and promote collaboration, but I am interested in student assignments that utilize this technology. I thought about the possibility of using it in group assignments, thinking that it might be possible for students to save and tag sites with information applicable to their research. I am new to social bookmarking and am interested in any ideas. 

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Social bookmarking is something I have just recently learned about. In my educational technology course we use Diigo, a site where I have started to bookmark some of my favorite sites and I can see others favorite sites. I think social bookmarking in the classroom is a great idea! I really like how you are considering using it in a group project. I would also suggest having students bookmark a cite pertaining to each new topic you discuss in class. This could encourage them to get excited about what they are learning in class, possibly telling the class something new they learned about the topic in their outside research.

I really like Diigo. It is possible for teachers to have an educator account. This means that you can set up accounts for your students (no email required - so age not a problem).


I put some links for our staff here.

I like your idea to use social bookmarking as a way to encourage students to get excited about new topics that are covered in class. Depending on the number of computers available, it would be a great way to conclude a chapter or section that is being covered. If you are spending a few days on a particular topic, it would be neat to allow students time on the final day to look for sites pertaining to what they learned. It would allow students to seek out additional information about what they found interesting or exciting. Some students might choose to look up sites that cover the topic broadly, whereas others might choose to look up more specific information about subtopics. Students could bookmark a required number or sites (I'm thinking 2-4.) and then tag them with the title of the section of chapter. If the social bookmarking site allows comments, students could add a short comment about what they found interesting or how it coincides with what was learned. Other students could them check out sites that their peers discovered, encouraging the sharing and the discovering of information. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing - I can't wait to use social bookmarking in my (future) classroom. 

I have just began to learn about social bookmarking in one of my classes I am taking.  It seems to be a very useful tool in my opinion.  I like that I can get all types of websites and resources that others have successfully used that deal with the topic I am studying.  Social bookmarking seems to be very helpful as a prospective teacher, and I think it would e good to use in all kinds of careers.

I am student who is currently studying to become a teacher. Recently in one of my classes my Professor was talking about a bookmarking site. The site is called delicious and you store all your bookmarks on-line. I personally believe that this would be a wonderful piece of technology to integrate into the classroom. Having students use this for research purposes would be a very good idea because it helps promote organization. Also, once reputable sites are bookmarked the class could share the bookmarks with each other. This could also work in reverse where you share sites with your students.


Depending on the age of your students you could also possibly have educational game sites saved so that when your students finish their work and had time to themselves they could directly access sites that you felt were appropriate to be on during free time. If your students are older this would not be as applicable.


You could also bookmark your school web page or your own personal web page if you have one so your students could easily access it.


I hope some of these ideas helped!



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