social bookmarking such as delicious and how it helps us teachers

Just wanted to share with the teaching community my experience with delicious
Delicious is a social bookmarking tool that we can use to organise and share our bookmarks. It's the fact that your bookmarks are uniquely valuable to you personally, regardless of whether they are socially shared.


Allows us to tag our bookmark and can add a comment to it.
Allows us to share our bookmarks with fellow colleagues and students.
Permits subscription to other people Delicious bookmarks which in turn allows us to access resources of the very best minds in our field.
Back up our bookmarks externally-safe in case of computer crashes.

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I totally agree!!
I, too, have a Delicious account for social bookmarking!! I swear by it!! In fact, every time I do a workshop or a training session, I always start with teaching the participants how to use Delicious.

I have my bookmarks tagged a variety of different ways!! I have tags that break down the multiple intelligences, learning styles, ELA, math, science, social studies, online, interactive, etc.... The list could go on for ever!!

When I create a bookmark, it has to be a site that REALLY catches my attention. I only tag the sites that I feel are going to be relevant to me, my students, or to fellow teachers. I don't bookmark sites that are ones that I might check into later.

If anyone is interested in viewing my bookmarks, please feel free to join my "Network". My username is: svirons1.

Sally Irons
Niles, Michigan
Hi Sally . Great to hear from you.Thats right. Are you using a twitter account as well? For inviting specific tweets on topics from interested like minded people?
No, I'd never thought of doing that!! How would I go about setting that up?? I'm not a big Twitter fan - never found much use in it.
Hey Sally ,
check out these two links:
The first shows how to set up a twitter account and the second shows a demo of how twitter has been used for more than just social networking .
I too love Delicious, but I'm a little less discriminating (I'm working on it though) because I often add sites I want to check out later or that I think may come in handy for one of my teachers later. I'm a librarian, so I try to collect as much information about potential tools as possible for use with my teachers.

I think that part of the reason I love Delicious so much is because it really saved me a few months ago. Prior to setting up my account, I had my favorites stored in my computer's browser. Then, right after I set up Delicious, our entire computer system at school was infected with a virus, and systems were crashing left and right. We all lost our computer bookmarks, but because I had Delicious, I could still access mine.
I love Diigo!
Same idea - all my bookmarks stored.
I like Diigo's list facility - also being able to annotate pages.
My Diigo bookmarks are sent automatically to Delicious so they are in both!
I started off using Delicious, and I loved how I was able to send many links to an online database and not rely on saving them all on my internet browser's toolbar. Two months ago, I was introduced to Diigo by a friend and I instantly fell in love with its highlighting and annotating abilities. ( I was reading through research articles, LOL)

Now I don't which to use primarily! How does one use both Delicious and Diigo? Is there a way to import Delicious links to Diigo, or vice versa??



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