I need your help to research an urgent question: is math lagging behind other human endeavors on the social web? If you can, please distribute this to blogs, mailing lists and other forums.

The goal is to collect answers from at least two hundred parents or teachers of children who are active on the social web. Some examples of social web sites include: blogs, wikis, nings, email groups, multi-player online games, forums, Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube. The purpose of this study is to investigate how much math can be found in the user-generated content on the web, that is, pictures, videos, texts, software and other entities created by children as they participate in the social sites. The social web has led to an explosion in authoring, empowering our children as never before. Does it empower them in mathematics as well? Let’s find out!

Copy and paste these questions to answer them:

1. How old are your children?
2. Approximately when did they start to use social web sites?
3. Please name some of the sites your children visit frequently.
4. What do your children mostly contribute to their social sites,
for example, tags, links, chats, stories, comments, pictures, videos?..
5. What are some examples of math-related items your children have
recently encountered at their social sites?
6. Do you know of math-related items your children have contributed
to social web sites? Please give some examples.
7. How would you describe your level of proficiency using web-based
applications? How about other adults in your family?

To participate, post answers to the Natural Math blog post at:
or email them to Dr. Maria Droujkova at droujkova@gmail.com,
or reply wherever you find these questions posted.

You can see study progress updates and some examples of social mathematics in comments at the study post on the Natural Math blog.

Thank you in advance!

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