This lesson has been quite intriguing.  I started with a fair concept about the concept of a digital citizen however after the research I have come to understand what depth this document actually has.  I really get the feeling that we are right in the middle of a very revolutionary episode in education.  I was reading a report on a huge survey done by The McKinsey Quarterly and they state,

 “Our fifth annual survey on the way organizations use social tools and technologies finds that they continue to seep into many organizations, transforming business processes and raising performance. A McKinsey Quarterly High Tech article.”

It is not a coincidence that schools are now beginning to push web2,0 technologies and learning processes, it is the corporations that are saying we need more students that can function at this level because this is the future of this country.

The processes we teach will either make or break this countries future and I now see clearly the direction we need to head.

It is actually scary, because the machines that are needed for these kids have not been built.  Apple and all are gearing their equipment to the 37 year olds.  I had my daughter (13yrs) do some updating on my Iphone, well she transacted so fast with it that she crashed it . Crashed it not once but twice.  Our kids have already surpassed the transaction speed and capability of our current machines.  Corporations see the transaction and performance levels rising because of current processes and speeds.


Our job is to be sure to impress into our students a sense of ethics and morality into their digital citizenship as they continue to grow and change the world around them.


Mckinsey Quarterly, 2011,

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