Maybe it's like trying to catch the wind in a bucket, but is there a way to keep spammers of this site? There's been a recent proliferation of posters peddling their wares, and I've grown tired of them. On a site dedicated to using modern technology to make the world a better place, is there not a way to block adbots?

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I'm the unofficial spam spotter, when I see them I send them to Steve and he 'kicks their butts to the curb'. I agree, you'd think there would be a way to keep them off. There isn't even a spam report button. Paul and Nicole are the latest culprits!!
I've reported a couple to Steve, myself. I'm afraid of annoying the guy.

Plus, if I sent him every time I saw a spammer, I'd have hard evidence that I spend too much time daily on Classroom 2.0!
Pat, Good, glad someone is harassing him besides me, he kicked off 25 TODAY!! I agree with your second comment--gotcha!



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