I am looking for new ideas to help my students practice more speaking in class. Any ideas ...

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Go to eflclassroom2.0.com and on the home page you will find Lessons in a Can. I think there are 100 of them on all levels. They are in English but just change the language. At least it will give you some ideas to get you started. I love Big Town and Little Town.
Leonor, I use this with my ESL students and was looking for it to show to our Spanish teachers. You can record for 90 seconds. Good for a short book report or short oral report and it's fun!

you can have them read a paragraph and let them record it so they can go back and listen to what they need to pronounce more. You can also get them in groups of 2 or 3 and have them make up a mini dialog. It will be fun for them to figure out a story and at the same time, they will be practicing it. You can also give them a tongue twister in spanish of course and let them recite it to you. I hope you find a good way to have them speaking spanish.



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