My class has just finished using Storybird to write stories and they are posted on our classroom blog.  Kids would love some comments on their stories.  Please stop by and leave a comment if you have the time.  You'd thrill a bunch of fifth graders!







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I love Storybird - left you a comment for all of them Tina.

Thank you so much!  They will love it!  Let me know if I can return the favour sometime.



My pleasure Tina.

Look at the story two of my students wrote! We were using Wikispaces for the first time last year and I said we should document what we were doing. Two students asked if they could write a story....

'7S, Their Amazing Story of the Wikispaces' is on this page (there are also other useful links if anyone is interested in Storybird).




I just made a comment on both stories.  Thanks again!
Oh, my goodness!  What an incredible Web 2.0 tool!  I cannot wait to show my third graders their work next week and use this in our classroom.  Thank you for sharing and we will be sure to leave a comment for your students!

Thank you!  I'd be willing to leave comments for your students when the time comes.  Kids had a blast with Storybird.  I also wrote about using Storybird on my blog.  



Tina thank you for your comment on the Wikispaces story!


How about this? One of my students wrote this on revision...

Mark Ury the creator of Storybird liked this one!

LOVED it.  Think I will your Storybirds with my class.  




I looked over the stories your students created and really enjoyed them.  I have worked with Storybird in the past, but my question to you is: where did the students find all of the graphics/art work they used on their pages?  When I have had students use Storybird in the past, it seems that their choices of graphics/art work was rather limited.  A couple of your students had really neat looking graphics.  Any help you can give me would be appreciated.  Again, great stories by your students!


Mel J. Janousek

Hi Mel,


I believe that Storybird adds artwork all the time.  The artwork the kids used was found in the gallery.  Kids loved it and it seems that there is quite a bit of choice now.  Thanks for the compliments!  I'll let my kids know.



Hi Tina,


I just showed my grade fives your students Storybird assignments and their homework for the weekend is to comment on their stories. Also, I would like to do Storybird with my class. Do you have any tips? About how much time is needed?



Wow!  Thank you!  My students will love to have comments from your students.  When your students are finished with their stories, I would be happy to have my students read and comment on them.


The kids caught on to the "how to's" of Storybird very quickly.  In all it took about 4-5 (in some instances more)  hours from start to finish.


 If I had to do it again, I would create a short storybird with the class.  I would think aloud as I chose artwork for my story(carefully looking at the sets of pictures) and plan out my beginning, middle and end.  We had written stories previously and talked about such things, but I think the selection of artwork easily overwhelms some students and causes others to get wrapped up in using as many pictures as they can.


 Coming up with a problem and sticking with the problem through out the story was a hard thing for my students. I think this was due partly to the premade pictures.  As kids went through the pictures they found ones they liked and incorporated whether it went with their story or not. At times the pictures changed the problem or added another problem resutling in a less than satisfying ending.


What went well was the creativity.  The artwork was inspiring for them, that is for sure.  Also, students were totally engaged through out the writing of their stories and they love that others can read their stories.  I will use Storybird again, with some of the adjustments I mentioned earlier.


Good luck!





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