I'm a grad student doing a project on technology in the classroom- specifically, why a teacher might be reluctant to use it in their classroom, and encouraging non-"tech savvy" teachers to use it through revealing some good tools that can be used by beginners.  However, I'm still working on finding good sources.  Any suggestions on sources or easy tools I could discuss?

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Hi Erica,

I don't know if this will help you at all but I have included a few links for your viewing pleasure:  




Shirelle Tingle

Nearpod is pretty easy to use and has a lot of features the reluctant teacher would find useful.

Hello Erica,

Check out Google Classroom as a starting point and hub for classroom organization and instruction. Also, look into google tools: gmail, docs, sheets, slides, draw, calendar, the Google Education Suite, G Suite for K12 institutions.


Google Classroom ties all these tools together and sorts all student assignments in a Google Drive Folder. You can use Google Classroom for direct instruction, discussion, peer interaction, commenting on writing while students are writing, a repository for educational sites, portal to online textbooks, daily agenda, portal to hyperdoc activities created through Google Docs, and so much more! The core apps. are free.

Straight Ahead!


Thank you all for the help!



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