Does anyone have policies in place for student owned electronic devices in school? I am referring to students bringing in IPADS, Laptops etc. We are starting to receive these requests and would like to put some policies in place regarding it. If you have a policy would you mind sharing?

Here is the infrastructure we have ready to support this:

1. A wifi network with local and guest access. The guest access is configured to only allow for filtered access to the internet and all of our web applications (google docs, Blogs, Moodle etc.) This is the same access they have at home. The students access the guest network and supply their user names and passwords within a captive portal.  We have the ability to manage bandwidth allocation on this network.

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Thanks for the response and I am sorry for the delay in writing back. We currently use 802.1x on our wireless network. There has been a concern to move our wired network to it because of the large footprint that we have. It would be a lot of traffic coming back to the radius? It is still a topic for discussion. I struggle with adding multiple layers of security that will impede the network vs. counting on good old fashion classroom management and actually watching students. Thanks for the info. I am working on some written policies for student personal devices now. I will share my results with you.

You might want to contact Stewart Crais at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis. He runs the Lausanne Laptop Academy. His high school has a "Y'all Come" policy allowing any device. You can find his email at the bottom of this page.

We allow high school students to bring computers although we don't have a specific laptop program in HS. They can join the guest network and even access printers. I think it is probably similar to what you have. Of course they all have smartphones so many are not on the school network.

I know that the answer from a collegiate setting will be different, but I offer it anyways. We have a relatively small campus with and only provide wireless access in Academic areas, not the entire campus. We also limit that wifi to users who have a username and password issued to them (which happens to be created and maintained in Active Directory). Only users - even guests must have a guest user name and password to gain access using their own devices. This is facilitated using much of Cisco's AP's other equipment.



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