I am using Edublogs to create a class blog that links to student blogs this year.

I am wondering if anyone can show me a Student Internet Privacy or Blogging Safety Rules they have used for their class website. My students are in seventh grade. I want to put something understandable and straightforward on the site for parents, administrators, and students to see to remind them of Internet safety and student privacy. My school district has forms for Acceptable Computer Use policy and Video and Photo permissions. I'd love to see examples of what other teachers have posted on their websites and blogs for these purposes. Thanks!

By the way, my new site is under construction at http://liecthysharks.org. I'm open to feedback.

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While reading Will Richardson's book (Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms), I came across a letter that he sends home to parents that goes over the "rules" of blogging. You can find it at http://tinyurl.com/636vh5. I hope this helps!
Thanks for the help David. Much appreciated.
I am beginning a blogging unit with my students and really appreciate finding the letter to give parents..
Hi Robert, I left a comment on your blog. You might also need to change your URL on this page - two letters transposed http://liechtysharks.org/
Hi Sue (and Ken),

Yes! I am wondering about the whole "don't" thing too. This draft has not seen action with the kids yet, as I don't go back to school until September 8. I also agree about lists losing their effectiveness after line three. Tricky here, though. My students are in very low socioeconomic situations and many have very little parental guidance. I have to find a way to give them positively worded guidelines but also give them the exhaustive list because they tend to do the whole middle school "But you didn't say we couldn't do X!" thing -- middle schoolers are expert exception finders! I will definitely be reflecting on this input as I continue to revise the page prior to the students coming in.

Both my course syllabus and blog cover what your looking for. I have modified it a bit for this year but have not yet updated the blog... Feel free to check it out at Mr. Lane's Computer Applications/Web 2.0 Blog.
I am a middle school teacher and I found your blog very exciting. Thanks for the plethora of information. Just what I needed
I am glad that you found the blog of some use... I am making things up as I go and finding what works and what doesn't through the feedback of my students and colleagues -- if you see something that I may have overlooked please let me know.
I haven't used it, but have a look at this...


knife comment aside...ahem...I think it could be useable.
Used this last year in a similar situation to yours, with 8th graders. By the way, some kids thought that if they didn't get it signed, that they didn't have to do the work, so make sure they know they still have to do the work, just not online - you'll get more participation. Good luck!

Online Discussion Agreement

I understand that to be allowed to participate in the online discussions in Mrs. Lo’s class that:

I am responsible for what I write. My writing will be thoughtful, appropriate for school, and will not include harassment, put downs, lies, gossip, or making fun of others. The words will be my own, not plagiarized from others. If I quote others, I will provide information about the source of the words. I am responsible for what I write, whether I write at school or outside of school.

I am responsible for keeping my password secure, and for not sharing it with anybody. This also means that I am responsible for anything others write under my ID if I share my password or am careless in keeping my password safe. (That means if I leave my password lying around, I will take the consequences.)

I will use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and English usage. I will not use texting shorthand.

I will have to redo my work if my work is inappropriate, filled with errors, or sloppy, and will not receive credit until my work meets academic standards. Mrs. Lo decides if I have to redo my work.

I will not try to disrupt the discussion or the computer resources that permit the discussion.

If my writing or other behavior is not appropriate, I risk losing the opportunity to participate in our online discussion. I will have to do the writing assignments on my own, print them out and hand them to the teacher, without participating in the online discussion.
If you haven't already developed one for your students here are our Blogging Terms and Conditions.
Sorry i don't have any exact solution for you, but i want to share something as we are talking about students, children then i think its appropriate to talk about secure internet service for children. Many parents are very worried about their child's internet use, like whom they are talking, what are they doing, are they watching any wrong videos etc and for that they want some solution so that they can watch on the child's activities. So http://www.kidsemail.org/ is the solution for all these issues. It has many facilities like it allow child to only receive email from those in their contact list, email a copy of incoming messages to the parent and most important thing is that it has a simple mode for young children as well as an advance mode for slightly older kids.



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