Some of my upper elementary students would like to create a website for their 
End of the unit project.  What can I use that is safe and elementary? Or should I just have them use
The blog or wiki that we started?

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Check out:


Here are some examples of what my students did:


Good luck!  :)


We use Google sites and have our middle schoolers "teach" the younger students how to do it.  Great interaction with older and younger students.  There's some pretty good security on the Google sites.


Weebly is great too.


Good luck.

Thank you for your help!  Ithink I might go with Google Sites because Weebly says you need parent permission for kids under 13.
I use Google site also, easy and fast
I use Google Sites. Have students add you as a collaborator and then you have access to their site.  Also, if you do not want them to  use their own e-mail address you can use your gmail by using the  + 1 trick.., etc... This way all account information comes to your gmail account and students don't have to sign up for e-mail to create a website...



Great idea!  I didn't even think of the + 1 trick... nice!  Thanks for sharing!!


Erin Klein

Have you explored: or wix? or eduglogster?

You could also have the students design their own webpage that is ultimately linked to your website. 

Good luck!


Last year in my computer classes I taught the 6th graders how to use  Before doing that, however, I gave them lessons on internet safety to make sure they wouldn't post personal information.(Visit to see resources I have found)


For the 7th & 8th graders I had them create their own webquests in groups of 2 and 3 using simple HTML, Word & other online utilities (See ). Of course you as the teacher would need some programming skills!  Here is a link to their work:


Alas my district decided to release all but one of the "two-year" teachers in our building and I'm not teaching this year. (sigh)

They could make a webquest.  One that I have used personally is  Hope this helps!



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