We so need to be careful on this one. I have ten fourth and fifth graders in Saskatchewan who are exploring twitter. I am wondering if I can connect them to peers who might spark some real dialogue. If you have nine and ten year olds with a similar interest perhaps they could exchange some tweets. What are people's thoughts on this idea?

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What is the purpose of exploring twitter? Is it for a tech class?
It is a computer literacy class activity. I don't do Twitter with my students, but we have a tech club at noon and after school. These students independently created twitter accounts to see how it was done. My wikistange classroom microblog caught their attention or they found twitter independently. I thought appropriate links might generate the sort of information sharing I have found useful on twitter. Following the famous seemes pointless to me. Quite sensibly, they are mostly talking to each other at this point.
You should check out Edmodo... Its like twitter but for educators. We love it!


Oh man, more things to follow. I will look at it, thanks.
We would love to exchange tweets with you. I have 10 3rd-5th graders who exchanged tweets with a class in Michigan last year and we would love to do it again. Let me know. Maybe we might want to try Edmondo. I'm open to ideas.
hmmm ... sounds good, I will collect a few contact user names.
I sent a private message and then thought I would share part of it generally. I am curious to see whether any lasting connections can be made between elementary students from distant communities using Twitter. My experience is that young people usually network with people they meet on a regular basis. I checked my students follower list. The majority of followers were classmates and family. That is one reason why I have less concern about security in social networking. It augments professional or personal relationships rather than creates them. When I have my next session with these young people I am going to challenge them to ask one or more questions in a tweet. They can see if their question is answered.
I believe twitter search could be used instead of Google for various topics. Then students may locate an approved source and ask direct questions?
Thanks, this looks rather West Coast but I did join and joined the group too! Can I tweet into the group and follow the group tweets? how does that work?



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