I created a Wiki with the main purpose being a place for teachers, administrators, professors, and educators to embed and link to their favorite, most useful videos created by teachers and/or students.

Wiki pages are available based on Subject. There is also Motivational, Informative, and Humorous. The idea is that educators can share their success of using video software and student created digital stories with the rest of us in ONE CENTRAL LOCATION. I am sure all of us teachers are looking for samples to share with our students, but finding them can be very difficult.

We have YouTube, SchoolTube, and TeacherTube, but sifting through there can be tough. This site would offer all of us a Central Location. I got the idea from the Moving Forward Wiki where he had blog links that were subject specific and thought we could do the same thing.

I want some opinions, ideas, Wikispaces advice, etc from you all. Do you think this will work? Am I wasting time? If I had some favorite videos, I would post them, but I don't. You all might, so I thought you might want to help me get the ball rolling. Any advice and/or criticism would be GREAT!

Here is the Wiki: EmbedEduVideos

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I added the Did You Know Videos, because I think they are the most important for explainging why what we do in our classrooms are so important.

I also know there are teachers out there that have created or had students create their own videos that are worthy to share. If so please share this site with people at your school/district...user support is the only way it will grow.

Thank you so much!
If you keep or store some videos, but don't want to add them all individually you can add them using http://www.embedr.com. Would work great for this site.



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