Studucate... when students educate parents by sharing how they use technology to enhance learning.

Your Name and Title:  Alisa Wright


School, Library, or Organization Name:  Warren School, Warren, CT, RSD6


Co-Presenter Name(s):


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Northwest Hills of CT


Language in Which You Will Present: English


Target Audience(s): K-12 Teachers, Educational Technologists, Administrators


Short Session Description (one line): Studucate.  Students educate parents by sharing how they use technology to enhance their own learning


Full Session Description (as long as you would like): 

Studucate....a night when students educate parents and community by sharing how they use technology to enhance their own learning.  On March 1st, Warren School hosted its first ever event where the students are the presenters and the learners are parents and community of Warren, Ct.  70 out of our 89 students actively demonstrated a tool that their teacher has used within their school day to make learning meaningful.  Kerpoof, LiitleBirdTales, Study Island, Smart Response, PhotoStory3, and Edmodo were among the programs showcased throughout Studucate. Groups of parents and community rotated from class to class during the evening. During each 10 minute session, students explained the benefits of using the program as compared to how they would have traditionally been exposed to skills and concepts. The upper classmen, sixth grade students, were hosts of each classroom. They introduced students, played screencasts created by teachers explaining the tool and it's relation to ISTE standard covered, and supported the younger student when needed.  Attendees were encouraged to leave a video comment on a VoiceThread before leaving the event to capture the experience. Web 2.0 Programs were contacting seeking promotional items and were given to presenting students. Studucate was an extremely memorable event.  Students and parents are still commenting about to this day. 

Studucate Outline

  1. Introduce idea to principal, then staff using a Popplet with organized ideas.
  2. *Present idea to students using Popplet/Send out Presenter Permission Sign-Up (google form) to parents
  3. Obtain Innovative Grant for refreshments and misc. 
  4. Teachers determine the technology to showcase
  5. Create Schedule Plan---Sessions, Layout of Event, Presentation Groups 
  6. *Use Lesson Template for presentation groups to work through lesson ideas
  7. Create Smart Notebook Lesson to use as a guide
  8. *Whole Class--create How-To portion of lesson detailing steps needed to present for tech tool being showcased (6th Grade created separate presentation group How-To)
  9. Contact different online programs being used and showcased to request promotional tools for presenters
  10. Model lesson as Whole Class--discuss details/information/steps that need to be highlighted
  11. Practice with individual presentation groups 2X
  12. Students create their Schedule Plan--send copy home
  13. Include 6th grade hosts during practice--students use Host Plan 
  14. 6th grade create name tags, banners, cover of How-To packet, classroom signs and labels
  15. Hold a Rehearsal Studucate 3 days prior to night event. Teachers use Google Form to assess each lesson as it is presented.
  16. Analyze results of Form.  Work with groups/hosts that need it.
  17. Evening
    1. Set-up table with extra set of Schedule Plans
    2. How-To Packets
    3. Set-UP Computer with projector
      1. Showcase video--15 minutes prior to starting
      2. SlideRocket Presentation to event and purpose
    4. Set-up mats--place name tags on mats
    5. Refreshments--pretzels, grapes, crackers, cheese and water
    6. Attendees made their way from class to class for 10 min lesson
    7. Voicethread Creation and Virtual Projects were presented in The Workshop.
    8. Create reflection video.  Send out with VoiceThreads in e-blast.


Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: Please see: and and!  for more information.

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Absolutely love this.

Thanks for the opportunity to spread this opportunity with others!

This is amazing and can't wait to hear all about it!!

Thank you, Martha.  I am looking forward to sharing this with you!

I just found out that my proposal was accepted!  I am very excited to share this event with others.  Going to go plug in a time slot now!

Thank you!

Hi Alisa! This is such an amazing thing! I can't wait for you to help me with it next year for GCS and Morris!

Looking forward to it!  Thanks, Amy!

This can also be used to educate parents on the dangers of the Internet.  Our high school students did this from a high school view point to middle school students and parents in our community.  It was a great opportunity for all of the community to share in the responsibility of raising our children.

Sounds great! Way to pay it forward from the high school students to the middle school!


This sounds so great. I look forward to learn from all of you.

Best regards


Excellent!  Looking forward to the 21st!



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