Hey Everyone,
I'm a high school tech. teacher, and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on tablets in the classroom. When I say "tablet," I'm thinking of an electronic writing surface that plugs into a pre-existing computer--not a standalone computer itself. I'm not sure if "tablet" is the correct term anymore.

Anyways, has anyone tried these at home or school? They seem to run the gamut in terms of price. I would definitely need to stay on the cheap end, but I'm wondering if they'd even be worth it.

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Justin,

Great questions, I thought this was a great idea when I bought a little tablet by the company bamboo. it was only 60 bucks or so if I remember. I wanted to grab it so I could easily get math into the computer to transmit notes and practice problems to my students.

i was pretty unimpressed by it. Essentially its a pen-mouse. They are mostly for artists and not for physics teachers! The larger the tablet, the most expensive they are. and a small one was pretty restrictive. Also, I like to look at the tablet while I'm writing, but you can't see anything! You have to look at the screen and not down at your hand and I really couldn't get the hang of it. I'd suggest the livescribe smart pulse pen for similar functionality. Sort of expensive for one for each student though.

Check out my thoughts about it on my blog

Hope that helps.



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