School is out in my district, and the summer has begun. So, I thought it might be fun to share what end of year gifts you got from students. What do you like to receive? What has been your best/worst ever gift? Did anyone get any good tech gifts? Personally, I always like the flexibility of gift cards, if they are for stores I like, but sometimes students can be very creative with how they say thank you. I know one parent who every year takes a collection from parents, and buys either one large gift they know the teacher would want/appreciate, or buy a collection of gift cards to restaurants, and stores. That way parents can give as much as they want, and it all goes towards something good. So, who wants to share first...

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Presents... don't usually get those. Not sure if it is because of the students I teach or the student-body I serve. Either way, don't usually see much in the way of a thank you.

However, this year was different - much different. I had a former student who's continuation school was using our campus for graduation ceremonies stop me and say "if it wasn't for be 'stuck' in your reading class I would have never had made it." She didn't actually say "thank you" - but the smile on her face as she talked about graduation and her plans for the future did. That moment reminded me that I teach to make a difference in my student's lives and even when I don't hear it, see it, or know it at the time - I may be doing my job pretty well after all.
That's a great story Peter, and probably the best gift you could get! Maybe it is just us elementary teachers that end up with the physical gifts, but thank yous like can be as good as anything anyone else could think of.
I actually got 100 DVD -R's today!!!! I am so very excited as every year I make an imovie as a class gift.
I teach ELD (ESL) at the high school level. My students tend to have very limited income so presents just don't happen. However, on the very last day, they all line up and hug me on the way out of the door. It felt awkward years ago when I was first exposed to it, but now I look forward to it (we have a pizza party at lunch and I take oodles of pictures to share with them).




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