I am in a process of developing a document outlining requirments for teacher web pages. There are two parts of the document. One part of the document will outline minimum requirements. One part will outline best practices and I will probably link to some examples on the web. I am looking for input from others as to what should be included.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated....

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I'm in the process of doing something similar - and the best I can come up with is trying to point them to as many examples as possible.

I think also clarifying the purpose of the teacher web page -- is it for other teachers, students, the general community -- that will help add focus to the page.

-best of luck, and would love to know what you decide!
Hi, Rob

I was asked to perform a similar evaluation exercise last year by my principal. I found a rubric and adapted it to my school's guidelines which I've attached for you. It includes Relevance of Content to Students and Parents, Fair Use Guidelines, Use of Photos, Graphics, Sound, Animation and Video, Layout and Text Elements, Internal and External Navigation, Contact Person, Writing Mechanics and Speed Web Pages Load. The original came from the University of Wisconsin, but I don't have it with me this summer. Let me know if any of my changes make the intent unclear. Good luck. I found it an interesting experience.

Jacqui, I just downloaded the rubric and will see if I can apply it to the website I am building. I wonder if you would be willing to grade the site I am creating. It will be free and online to all teachers as it progresses
Thank you for your input. This is what I have created for my teacher handbook. Please let me know if you thinnk I have missed anything.



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