Teaching about Internet social networking privacy... Should HIPAA be extended in personal profiling?

As educators, librarian and social networkers it is so important to train our students, clients and friends that basically anything on the Internet is being recorded by both private and government agencies.

The illusion we need to teach our students comes from explaining that  "Privacy settings." They are NOT "privacy settings" they are "filtering setting." That keep certain types of traffic in and out of our Personal Learning Space. But they do not block Google from cashing everything we do or Twitter to from providing all our Tweets to the US Library of Congress. I wonder how many Iranian Tweets they have at this point?

This is a great Blog form Free Stutzman on Twitter giving records to Library of Congress. 

The loss of privacy under the last White House for defense reasons provided every major marketing corporation the back door around HIPAA. With things like Twitter, and who knows what else, public it is super easy for data mining to create profile information based on our interests, not to mention identity theft. Entire personally profiles could soon be up for sale. NRA lovers will not get postal jobs. Christians can be blocked from jobs managed by individuals who life styles collide. Mothers with ADHD kids will be blocked from jobs.  And insurance will have a field day circumventing healthcare laws. 

Perhaps HIPAA needs to be extended into this DATA mining of our social networking along with the stiff fines for the public release of the information for anything other than military use. Stating the private medical information is exchanged on Twitter could make such legal problems possible. However our Tweets revel or most private value system and personal lives. One other thing. Once it is archived in Library of Congress it is there forever! No taking it back or editing.... Opppps Thats a bummer. 

So teach you kids not to Tweet hate to Fox, CNNs or the lunch room cook. You may get funny direct mail from malitia and dating will get hard when women can pull you interest profiles (like credit reports) off the Internet.

"So remember kids. Google and the Public library know everything about you. Have nice weekend." Who could of imagined in our lifetime and in the US those words need to come out of our mouth?

Your Thoughts Mr. Orwell

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The school districts in the greater Seattle area have decided to keep all e-mails for seven years. Also, they are now monitoring the actual textual bodies by searching for key words and common student names. The reality is that we should not, as educators, be using e-mail inappropriately. It is not a complaint box. It is a method of communication. Be careful what you post!
Yes. Yet we need to teach the students about this. Side by side with the cyber bully course

FYI you have several Faith based schools in your neighborhood that have their filters off. Yet the ethics of the school are extremely strong and at the sever level they can catch suspecting material. In two cases the students were talked to and it was not an issue.

I worked in Bothel a bit..... Awesome place you live in



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