hello, i am soon going to join the education field and have heard some controversy over the concept of "teaching for tests". while i understand different states have their ow requirements and policies to recive governmental funding, i think students shoud be tought for their own knowledgfe and enrichment, and not just to score well on tests designed to get schools and districts more money. let me know what you think.


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Some type of testing is necessary to determine how a child is learning and what types of remediation may be required. On the other hand, teaching to state testing is too rigid and doesn't allow for the students who learn in different ways. Time for writing is often replaced with a get-ready curriculum. Writing leads students to become creative in their way of thinking about all subjects and preparation for state-mandated exams takes time away from this soon-to-be-lost skill..
I wish I could say that you don't teach for the tests, but that would be untrue. The demands for students to pass standardized testing are extremely high because the teacher is not only answering to the state as to why their classes are failing, but they have to answet to the board of ed, school administration, and the parents.In my eyes, the teacher also has to answer to the student. There's a reason why the child din't learn the topic. Were they absent? Did they just not "Get it?", or did they just not care. In some cases, teachers are let go, schools are closed, and funding is taken away if students do not pass the standardized test. What I try to do is teach what I have to in a way that students want to learn more about the topic. We have class discussions and I always try to leave them wanting to know more. If they want to, I'll let them do a presentation as well for extra credit.
As a not-so-great test taker, I dread being evaluated solely on my performance on a test. I do realize that it is necessary to determine where you are in your education, but I do not like to be taught just to pass a test. If you can teach something in a way to where the information can be understood enough that "just happens to show up on a test," that would be the best scenario.



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