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" About a year ago, a nice teacher in our Google Group sent us this short program. It shows a different random Garfield Comic Strip each time the page is refreshed.
He put these comics on the classroom walls, on tests, on lesson overheads, and even had Garfield marathon-chuckle-fests to fill in some extra time. He also put them on his school website to add some color and humor. Use your imagination.

Simply Copy & Paste the code between the dotted lines below, into Notepad or Wordpad and save it on your own laptop as Garfield.html. Then just click on this file and allow your laptop to run Javascript.
Or Copy & Paste this program snippet into your webpage source code where you want the comic strip to appear. That's it. Have Fun!


<script language="Javascript">
var loc = "";
var mm = Math.floor(Math.random()*8)+1;
var dd = Math.floor(Math.random()*18)+10;
document.write("<img src='" + loc + "0"+mm+""+dd + ".gif" + "'>");

........................................ "

The Google Group mentioned is called "HighSchoolMath" and is at .

I have found very few suggestions like this on the Internet that I have actually used in my classroom.
It made me wonder what other teachers have found useful on the Web that they are now actively using in their class.
Please tell me how you use the very popular sites like Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, Teachertube, even blogs, and the many other popular websites in your class.
Please be specific - exactly what you used, where you found it, how you used it, how the class responded, how it saved you time over your regular method to present that topic, etc...
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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