Has anyone ever formatted their teaching portfolio so that it is
available on CD?  If so, what program did you use to make it?  Is it
user friendly? 

I was hoping to make a CD that I could leave behind as I begin to interview this spring.  Any suggestions for making such disc?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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There is no reason you couldn't do this with plain ordinary HTML webpages...just copy the pages down onto a CD...you could even create an autorun file that would launch it for you when the disc was inserted...and you could have "local links" to pdf files with lesson plans and other resources. (Actually you could even do it with PDF files or Microsoft word files with links to the other files embedded in them)

If you don't know how to write HTML there are many solutions for doing this that make it pretty easy to do.

Honestly, though I gently suggest you just create a website using Google Sites and keep the whole thing online...then leave behind some "unthrowawayable" object like a baseball, frisbee or small whiteboard with your URL on it.

Good luck.
thank you for the idea of leaving behind something that is "unthrowawayable" I think that is my online option b/c I wouldn't even know how to begin doing an auto run CD. I'll guess I'll just be working on something that is online. Thank you for your time.
You should consider having a dual role for your portfolio. Don't just think about it as an advertisement for you, but make it useful, something that you can use in class and coordinate activities, share resources and so forth. This is where an online portfolio becomes more useful and also something that shows you as a teacher. This may make it more relevant to the people interviewing you.

This is what I've done with my class website that has since taken on a life of its own.

I'm not sure if I agree with leaving something that can't be thrown away. But as a gimmick may just work. Everything can be thrown away and if your interviewer is meeting many people during the day they may not want extra things. How about a creative business card with the web address of your online portfolio. They probably will have a system for business cards as well.

Good luck.
As I start the next school year, I think that this is a wonderful idea. I have a blog thats about teaching but I would never share it with interviewers. I am thinking about transitioning that blog or maybe I could just make better use of my classroom site. I enjoyed browsing your site and you've done wonderful things there.
thank you! I agree PPT powerful. Great idea.
I created a website and then added an "auto run" script so that the homepage open automatically when inserted. While Im not certain that anyone but me ever looked at it ;) I felt it was a nice touch.
thank you so much for the idea. I may work it that way. I'll just have learn how to do an "auto run"script.
Making an autorun.inf file is not very hard at all. You can just use notepad or a text editor to create it and point it to the file you want to start. Here is a tutorial, there are many others though:


Good Luck!



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