I am a Grade 6 teacher in a Field Studies Program: Learning and Teaching With Technology. I am looking for ideas to integrate technology into the social studies curriculum, specifically comparing Canadian Society to the Societies around the world.  

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Here are some thoughts:

Have students create a digital story that compares cultures using photostory or movie maker. Add images, narration and music. Publish online. A great example of this is the creation of a movie/story in the first person. THe students explain a day in the life of someone from.......... I just did this with a grade 5 class. The topic was Native Americans.

Connect with another class in another country. Setup a wiki on www.wikispaces.com. Have students from each page create a page about their school and culture. Then setup a page for each school to share a project or take part in a threaded discussion about their cultures. Here is an example from Grade 2 - http://mrscullinan.wikispaces.com/

If you are interested in working on a project with one of my grade 5 classes this year please let me know. We are located in Northern NJ USA. We put together projects all of the time. You could be part of a multi-country project.
Thank you for the ideas . . . it got me thinking in a whole different direction which is good. I was already thinking about creating an online slide show.

I might be interested in a multi-country project, I will let you know, we are still on summer holidays



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