Hi all

I've been tasked with auditing our entire teaching staff (large high school in Sheffield, UK) on their technology skills, as we'll soon be delivering training on the new equipment we'll be getting as part of a school rebuild.

Looking some general advice, really! I've listed the areas I'm thinking of covering below, and the scale that I'll be using (it'll be going out to staff as a Google Docs form). Any tips or suggestions would be most welcome!

I've tried to cater for teachers who can use the equipment, but would appreciate some more advice on how to use it in the classroom - as I'd imagine this is where many teachers would appreciate help.

The scale:

1 - no idea
2 - some experience
3 - confident, but could use more ideas for use in classroom
4 - completely confident using in classroom

Area headings (obviously there will be specific things under each of these)
  • Basic computer operations
  • Basic use of word, powerpoint to create resources
  • Use of interactive whiteboard
  • Use of the internet (VLE, online video, online audio)
  • Use of digital media in the classroom (Flip cams, audio recorders, digital cameras)

Thanks! :)

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We did a similar audit recently. I like your scale ratings. We weren't as specific and got back questionable data. We used Surveymonkey to deliver, collect, and anaylize results. The biggest problem with this is that the survey was left to be done on their own through an email. With survey's like this, you can't expect to get 100% return, but the issue I saw was that this really was a stumbling block for teachers who fall to the low end of your scale. The very people who you proabably wish to target.

It was my gut feeling that many of the teachers who didn't respond, didn't do so not because of apathy, but rather some fear/ignorance of the medium. You would think that clicking on a link and answering questions digitally wouldn't be a big deal even for the most technology reluctant teacher, but it was.

If you do it digitally, I would suggest having a session where teachers can all sit down and receive support DOING the survey, if indeed this is where you are heading. Good luck!




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