All right, let's get started already!

First of all, if you don't actually OWN the book, you CAN read along with us by reading it online at Stenhouse by clicking this link.

I just LOVED the introduction of the book! Oh my goodness--setting up her "classroom" in her basement is SO "teachaholic"! (I'll have to add THAT one to our list on Debbie's behalf!)

Another thing that hit home with me is how she says at the very bottom of pg. 2, "I loved turning the lights down low... savoring the calm... I'd spread out the kids' work...and take time to reflect on where we'd been, where we were now, and where it made the most sense to go next." I honestly NEED to do more of that. I feel so rushed some days, but I know when I DO take time to reflect, I feel so much more intentional about my teaching.

How about you? What did you enjoy in just those first five pages??

And FYI,
feel free to begin your own discussion thread on the book if desired, but I'll try to post about a chapter OR two each week for discussion for sure.

As Debbie would say, "Happy Reading!"

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I agree with you. I learn so much when I sit with the children's work and just think about it, or when I just watch them and take notes.
I agree with you. I have my observations that I refer to, usually on an individual basis, but I need to do a better job of looking at the students as a whole group. I love the idea of spreading it all out on the floor and looking for common understandings and misconceptions. I saw Debbie Miller last week and she talked about her notebooks and how she used them. I hope I don't get the workshop mixed up with the book during our discussions, they are intertwined in my mind now.



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